My Buddy McSpuddy is a magical leprechaun from MagicLand. He has been described as the Irish version of ‘Elf on the Shelf’. However, we believe he is much more than that; he is a best friend, a lucky charm and a promoter of good behaviour.

He arrives in your house with his pot of gold and his 7 gold coins. The child minds his pot of gold and My Buddy McSpuddy minds the 7 gold coins in MagicLand; when the child is good he will magically pop a gold coin into the child’s pot.

When the child collects all 7 gold coins they will receive a wish! You agree wishes with your child and write them into the “wish list page” that you’ll find in the accompanying hardback book.

If you are nervous or worried he has a worry patch on his elbow which you can rub to take your worries away.

On his other elbow he has a good luck patch that you to rub if you need luck for the day!